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The Next Steps For Your B2B-Marketing Videos

Previously, we discussed the best video genres to get started with  b2b video marketing. In particular:
• The CEO Video Message
• The Tech Explainer
• The Customer Success Story
Find the article here below if you missed it. Now, what are some good formats once you have mastered these basics?

How To Get Started With B2B Video Marketing

Maybe you're tired of hearing it: The  covid pandemic has been a major catalyst in many fields, and digital marketing is one of them.   Until 2020 many b2b marketers neglected social media and online marketing. “The best marketing is word of mouth” they said, and “we meet our clients at our specific industry trade shows”. 


We got a lot of encouragement in response to our rebrand earlier this month. I also got asked "but why?" by some. Obviously, we are expanding our focus on the commercial maritime sector. Why are we doing that?
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