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Starting out with YouTube to Promote a Marine Business

There is this catch in video marketing with YouTube: if you just upload your corporate/product videos and do nothing else, it is about as effective as having brochures printed and then piling them under your desk.
On the other hand, if you want organic reach for your brand on YouTube, this can easily turn into a full time job -- without guaranteed results.
What if I tell you that there is a better way?

The Power of the Customer Success Video

This kind of video is also known as case study or testimonial. It is one of the most powerful tools in the box. A well-made client testimonial gives the brand credibility AND explains the product. Two birds with one stone really. If you have outstanding relations with your clients, this type of video can be relatively easy to achieve.. This is why we also recommend it as a starting point if your company is just at the beginning of their video marketing journey. Today we’re going to dig deep into this type of video.

How to Create an Effective FAQ Video?

In part two of our series “Marine Industry Video Marketing: A Beginner's Guide” I want to introduce a type of video that can provide a great stepping stone in your video strategy. In the maritime industry, we are dealing with a lot of fairly complex products. One of the biggest challenges during the sales process is answering all the questions potential buyers may have.

Navigating the Customer Journey

Using Video to Engage Potential Buyers in the Marine Industry

A couple of weeks ago, at the METSTRADE show in Amsterdam, I realized that video marketing has crossed a threshold in the marine industry. 
More and more companies are using video, and it was evident from the many discussions that there is a need for a more strategic approach. This encouraged me to  create a series of blog posts to guide you marketers towards making informed decisions.  Let’s start with a birds-eye view. In this post, we will explore how to use video throughout each stage of the customer journey in marine marketing.

The Next Steps For Your B2B-Marketing Videos

Previously, we discussed the best video genres to get started with  b2b video marketing. In particular:
• The CEO Video Message
• The Tech Explainer
• The Customer Success Story
Find the article here below if you missed it. Now, what are some good formats once you have mastered these basics?
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