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How To Get Started With B2B Video Marketing

Maybe you're tired of hearing it: The  covid pandemic has been a major catalyst in many fields, and digital marketing is one of them.   Until 2020 many b2b marketers neglected social media and online marketing. “The best marketing is word of mouth” they said, and “we meet our clients at our specific industry trade shows”. 

Well, things certainly have changed. As trade shows were canceled and most of us had to get used to working from home, our screen time and online media usage surged dramatically.  Now, as many of us are returning to the office and even enjoying trade shows again, the digital channels have become an integral part of the  game. (linkedin growth during pandemic.) Any company without a modern responsive website and a strong social media presence strikes us as archaic.

Some Types of video to start your B2B communication

Content strategists recommend a mix of content types, and video should always be a part of the mix. Video content is particularly popular on most social platforms, and often brings the highest engagement rates. So what kind of video content makes sense in the maritime markets? There are many answers, let’s focus on three today. 

The CEO Video Message

Increasingly, CEOs and other leaders prefer to replace old-fashioned memos by directly addressing their audience via video, on their phones or video-conferencing equipment. This is a powerful tool. It is fast, personal and authentic. It is best done in-house, by the people on camera themselves. Prominent examples these days are the video messages by Ukrainian president Zelenskyy.
Just remember: Zelenskyy is a trained actor and knows how to behave in front of a camera. Some camera coaching and maybe a primer on the basics of light and sound is recommended for newbies. 

The Tech Explainer

One of the most exciting aspects of our industry is the permanent cycle of innovation, which has reached a new sense of urgency with the need to decarbonize shipping in an attempt to meet climate goals.
A lot of this innovation is disruptive. "Electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles." said Owen Harari. The more radical an innovation is, the more essential it is to communicate the benefits to clients, employees, authorities and other stakeholders. Some stakeholders may have the tendency to resist change, and require a lot of well-presented information and story telling to be convinced. Therefore, explainer videos are typically outsourced to dedicated agencies or production companies. Whatever you do, do not let the engineers who invented something try to explain it to the public. Here is an

The Customer Success Story

This kind of video is also known as case study or testimonial. It is one of the most powerful tools in the box. A well-made client testimonial gives the brand credibility AND explains the product. Two birds with one stone really. Depending on the complexity or neovelty of the product, they may differ in length. Audiences learn about a product or service from the point of view of a customer, and understand not just the product, but also the purchase decision. This makes the customer success story so powerful. Because it is so valuable and needs the external point of view, this type of video is typically outsourced to a production company. Here is an

Ok, there you have it: three types of video to start your video communication. In the next episode of this blog, we will look at some more video types, and go for a big question: organic vs. paid social content.

Please feel free to get in touch for a chat about your video strategy.

Best Regards,

Gerrit Haaland
Creative Director