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We got a lot of encouragement in response to our rebrand earlier this month. I also got asked "but why?" by some. Obviously, we are expanding our focus on the commercial maritime sector. Why are we doing that?
I have been specializing on film and video production for sailing and yachting since 2014, when I set up Yachtfilm in Palma. Before that I had been directing corporate films for medium and large companies in Germany for over ten years.

And before I became a filmmaker, I had been a Lufthansa-trained aircraft mechanic. Not too many creatives have such a technical background, so I was entrusted with many films involving complex technical subject matters, including brand visions for future technologies for clients like Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft.

As far back as 2008, I directed a series of films about the climate crisis for the German government. For the segment on modern mobility, we did interviews with German carmakers, and I went into deep research to prepare for those. There was no functioning battery electric car, only incredibly lame prototypes. BMW pursued the hydrogen combustion engine, Mercedes favored the fuel cell. Things have been changing since, and I have been following the quest for green propulsion and logistics ever since.

As the concern about the climate crisis became more mainstream in recent years, the maritime sector has taken on the challenge. What used to be a very conservative industry is now at the forefront of change towards greener solutions. This is huge. I love sailing, and who doesn't admire a shiny yacht, but my interest in the maritime world has shifted beyond that.

I hope we will have boats with sails from recycled materials one day, and I think that is nice. But how much bigger is the challenge to decarbonize shipping and the entire marine industry? This is a key industry with a huge global impact. I believe that making shipping green can be a fundamental step towards restricting global warming. I am not an engineer or inventor, but I would like to use my skills as an expert communicator to contribute a little bit to this crucial challenge.

Gerrit Haaland
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